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Top Places For Shopping In Nanning

The economic growth of China over the years has meant the annual household disposable incomes has risen significantly.  Research has indicated that by 2025 China will have more than 13 cities included in the world’s top 50 cities by nominal gross domestic product (GDP). With this the number of affluent Chinese will grow from 120 million in 2012 to 280 million in 2020 according to a research by Boston Consulting Group.  This represents about 30% of the urban population.  As such, we see strong domestic consumption and also the desire for luxury products in all cities including Nanning.  These luxury consumers are attracted to big brands and are big spenders on personal luxury goods such as apparels, leather goods, watches, jewellery, cosmetics and skin care products. Luxury cars is another luxury category that has seen a big uptake in recent years in China.  

Nanning has major shopping malls where local residents and overseas visitors shop for pleasure and their needs. Key shopping centres are spread throughout the city providing excellent shopping for local products and luxury items.  Top retailers such Wal-Mart has entered this Chinese market with it growth expansion strategy into China.  Also, we see Parkson which which is one of the largest retail chain present here.

Also, local good class restaurants and international cuisines can be found in these large shopping malls.  These draws tourists from everywhere throughout the world.  With its subtropical climate, the city draws a huge number of visitors from both within China and internationally. 

The Mixc (万象城)

The Mixc (万象城) is located in the well-known ASEAN International Commerce District and is easily accessible by the Nanning Metro Station.  This huge shopping center is well known for its international upmarket brands stores catering to the affluent chinese and international consumers luxury lifestyle needs.  The luxury categories and big brands includes:

  • Leather Goods – Prada, Gucci
  • Watches and jewelry –  Cartier
  • Apparel – Burberry

High end home entertainment systems including Bose and Harmon Kadon is there.  Technology companies such as Huawei and Xiaomi are also present.  

Shoppers will be glad to find shops such as H&M, Sephora, Uniqlo and Watsons that cater to the many daily and regular needs of shoppers.  There are also find many fine jewellery shops offering wedding and engagement rings and accessories for young singles and couples.   MixC also has a first class department store Parkson, a ice skating rink and a high-class cinema.

This shopping mall also has many fine restaurants at various levels that offers both local and international cuisines.  This include Sichuan food at the 3rd floor , Cheers Palace at the 4th floor which offers Hong Kong style dim-sum and food, and other restaurants at Basement 1.  In addition, many well know pastries and cakes can be found there. Visitors would want to try the famous pineapple tarts, durian cakes and pastries at Basement 1 too.  

HangYang Cheng

This shopping mall is located in the north of Fengling section on the Minzu Road of Nanning. It has a convenient Metro station and opposite to the International Convention and Exhibition Center.

Hangyang international shopping center located in No 131, Minzu Road, Qingxiu District, Nanning. It aims to provide a ‘one-stop’ family shopping environment catering for all ages.

With its unique exterior and next to Marriott hotel it is easily found and accessible by the Nanning Metro Station.   Visitors can also see the International Convention and Exhibition Centre which is located opposite Hangyang City.

There are many comfortable and relaxing outdoor café bars for the shoppers who wants to take a break or rest during their shopping time.   This multi-level shopping mall has large supermarkets such as Wal-Mart and many other branded shops. International eateries such as Starbucks, KFC and Breadtalk from Singapore can be found too.  At the higher level there is a wide variety of restaurants offering tasty cuisines such as Hot pot, Coconut Chicken and others for visitors and shoppers.

Wanda Mall Plaza

This mall is purposefully design so that its promotional events can be held indoor through the seasons and year.  Visitors will be welcome by it unique façade and design.  Also, this mall has a amusement centre that catering for various age class and family types.

Shoppers can find clothes, shoes, souvenirs, books and many more. Also, at the level there is a big children rink making shopping an enjoyable experience. Local and international restaurants and cuisines can be found at level 4.

Logan Mall

Logan Mall is located in Nanning Logan Century, a 383-metre tower which is one of the tallest building in Nanning, Guangxi.  The multilevel mall has a large supermarket in the basement offering fresh fruits and all household needs. 

Visitors can find shops offering shoes, winter wear, phones and others.  Also, for the book lovers there is a nice bookshop at level 1.  

There are also cafes such as Pacific Coffee, U-Mar for an relaxing afternoon or day. Restaurants can be found at various levels offering good food such as Baked Fish, Coconut Chicken, International cuisine such as grilled salmon, baked chicken and others.

ChaoYang Square

Chaoyang Square is located at the junction of Chaoyang Road and Renmin East Road and is conveniently accessible from the Nanning Metro Station. 

This is often known as the old city of Nanning due to the popularity of this amongst its locals.  Visitors can find any shopping stores such as the Nanning Department Store, Manhattan Supermarket, N-Mart intermingle with the various individual stores. 

As the prices is considerable lower than other shopping places, this place attracts many bargain hunters and buyers through the day and evenings.

Zhongshan Road Night Market

Zhongshan Road (中山路) occupying about 300 hundred metres is one of the more popular night market in Nanning. It is also famously known as Nanning’s food street due to the wide variety of food found there. You can find specialty dishes from Guangxi, Guangdong, Yunan and Hunan provinces. So be amazed with the unique aroma from cooked meat, fish, tasty bites and even popular snack known as smelly toufu.

The night market opens at around 6pm every night. Visitors are welcome by  Street Food Night Market by dozens of street stores offering local  fresh fruits, snacks such as various types of peanuts, dried fruits, children’s wear, ladies wear, garments, winter wear, leather and track shoes , electrical accessories, household items and local food stalls. 

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