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Nanning offers a variety of food catering to the savouring needs of the locals,  mainland and international tourists.  As such there are so many amazing palate-pleasing cuisines to choose from.  We share here with you restaurant recommendations for your eating pleasure.

Being on the Southwest of China, it is home to a variety of ethnic cuisines, with most food usually on the spicier side.  In addition, with its close proximity to Guangzhou, the local cuisine shares many Cantonese similarities. Famous local food includes Laoyou (Old Friend) rice noodles soup, Ba Zhen (Eight Treasures) rice noodles, Jiaozi (dumplings),  fish head porridge, lean pork with preserved egg porridge, paper-wrapped chicken, roasted duck, rolled rice pancakes and fermented vegetables.

Food from other parts of China in Nanning include those from Sichuan, Jiangsu, Hunan and other provinces.  Sichuan dishes has lots of garlic, ginger and chili peppers and are typically hot and spicy. Popular dishes include the spicy Sichuan noodles, Kung Pao chicken, Mapo Tofu, and Hot and Sour soup. With Jiangsu cuisines, they are typically mild, salty and slightly sweet.  Famous Jiangsu dishes includes the Sweet and Sour Mandarin Fish, and Salted Duck.  In the case of Hunan, the food can be even more spicy that Sichuan food. 

Asian and international food found includes those from Vietnam, Thai, Korean, Japanese, Western food and European.    The popular fast food restaurants such as McDonalds, KFC, Burger King, Pizza Hut offering burgers, pizza, pasta and salads can be found easily.  For the Coffee lovers, you can find Starbucks and Pacific Coffees outlets in most shopping malls or areas.

Below are the top restaurants in Nanning worth trying out.

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Chinese Cuisine Restaurant In Nanning
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