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Diamond Gardens 钻石园, Central Business District [Ronggu·Shopping Park] Project

Project Introduction Video

Floor plans - 4 Bedroom, 3 Bedroom, 2 Bedroom, 1 Bedroom

4 Bedroom
3 Bedroom
2 Bedroom
1 Bedroom

This project scale of 4 million square meters includes both commercial, leisure, and residential areas such as Diamond Garden, Mingzhu Garden, Jasper Garden, and Emerald Garden. It is also equipped with kindergartens, Fangchenggang No. 4 Middle School, and other urban facilities to create a big city of life-luxurious mansions, seaside residences, and a shopping paradise. 

The first floor of the home is elevated to create a noble home experience. The exterior wall adopts real stone paint to create a high-end solemn luxury and noble feeling; The windows are made of double-layer hollow LOW-E glass;

Installed with the intelligent security system in the whole area; The whole area is equipped with fingerprint code locks to create the most high-end and safest residential park.

International brand (ThyssenKrupp) high-speed elevator.

Perfect property management, 24 hours caring service butler;

Commercial clusters: The scale of 1 million square meters consisting of Golden Port Center, Golden Port Commercial Center, Commercial Plaza – a new vision of urban real estate planning.

Leisure central plaza:  40,000 square meters, a commercial center of 1 million square meters, a 5A-level office complex, a super-scale central community commercial block, a large-scale SHOPPINGMALL, a hotel, an opera house, a theater, a commercial SOHO, a 10,000-car underground parking lot, and tens of thousands of shops Etc., a wealth of commodities, overwhelming fashion consumption, integrating eating, drinking, playing, fun, and shopping, with super commercial aggregation, to create a super commercial aircraft carrier, and expand commercial wealth.

Education Center: Surrounded by 12 full-age education facilities in Fangchenggang Fourth Middle School, Jinwan Primary School, Miao Zhuang Kindergarten, Ronggu Enlightenment Kindergarten, Beibu Gulf High School

Total Land Area: 204.75 mu (136500㎡);
The total building area: 956663.54 square meters;

Green area: 45290.6㎡ (35.5%);

Total number of households: 6880 households;

Number of parking spaces: Two-story basement with 6,130 parking spaces, nearly 1:1 parking space supporting, international passenger and vehicle distribution;

Years: 70 property rights;

Total floor height: sold (including on-sale) 39 floors in the first phase, 33 floors in the second/third/fourth phase;

Floor height: 3 meters;

Distance from the beach: 1.5 kilometers;

Transportation: Located at the intersection of Fangchenggang Jinhuacha Avenue and Jiangshan Avenue, the two main arterial roads of the city, the extensive transportation network perfectly interprets the prosperity of the center and convenient transportation;

Bus lines: No. 3, No. 6, No. 105, Fangcheng to Qisha shuttle bus, Port to Qisha shuttle bus.

Condo Facilities: 

A private club for owners: 5000㎡; 

Advanced indoor constant temperature swimming pool;

Tennis courts and plastic runways in garden communities;


Intersection of Jinhuacha Avenue and Jiangshan Avenue, Fangchenggang

彰泰观江海 Changtai Guanjianghai Project

Project Introduction Video

3 Bedroom Video Tour

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4 Bedroom Video Tour

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Floor plans - 4 Bedroom, 3 Bedroom

4 Bedroom
3 Bedroom

This luxurious condominium scale of 380,000 square meters includes 4,342 beautiful sea-view apartments, equipped with a 750-square-meter large open-air swimming pool, gym, cafeteria, and an 850-meter rubber track. Greening rate up to 35%.

Project location:
The east side of Daoshuiqiao Bridge on Beibuwan Avenue

Total construction area:
380,000 square meters

Project development:
19 blocks of residential apartments consisting of 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms, and 4 bedrooms

Open For Sale:
Block 10, Block 12, Block 18, Block 19

Delivery time: 1st phase is expected to be available from April 2021 to the end of 2021

Total number of condo apartment units: projects: 4,342 households

Condo Apartment Size:
2 Bedroom: 67 square meters
3 Bedroom: 89 square meters
4 Bedroom: 110 square meters

Project floor height:

Block 10 – 31 levels with 2 elevators, 6 households per level

Block 12 – 33 levels with 3 elevators, 8 households per level

Block 18 – 31 levels with 3 elevators, 8 households per level

Block 19 – 32 levels with 3 elevators, 8 households per level

Amenities & Facilities:
Shatan River Wetland Park, Jiangbin Wetland Park, Fangchenggang Maternal and Child Health Hospital, Port District No. 4 Primary School, Mangrove Demonstration Zone, Qichen Farmers Market, large supermarkets, and four major banks.


The sales office is located in the Changtai Guanjianghai Marketing Center on the east side of Daoshui'ao Bridge

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