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Nanning Hotels Accommodation: Luxury 5-stars, 4-stars and Budget Hotels

Nanning offers many great value accommodation for travellers of different budgets. Luxury collection hotels, 5-star, 4-star hotels, mid-range and business hotels, and other 3-star budget hotels are available for budget travellers in Nanning.

For the luxury and five-stars hotels, they have higher price tags and offer more spaciousness in their rooms and excellent services.  Also, restaurants can be found in the hotel offers Chinese and international cuisines. These hotels mostly will have swimming pools, spas and gyms for exercises catering to the varied needs of the guests.

Mid-range four-stars and business hotels are often preferred by business travelers who wish to travel more economically on short business trips.  Other than cost, these hotels are often located in business areas such as the ASEAN Business District in Nanning. Breakfasts are often included so that business travellers can save time.  Other than accessible by taxis, these hotels are often situated near the MRT subways stations for travel convenience.

Budget hotels and 3-stars hotels room rates are the lowest appealing to budget-minded travellers. The rooms are clean, smaller with basic and minimal amenities and services provided. Often these hotels are located in the non-prime areas of Nanning away from downtown.   Some of these hotels could be located in the noisy part of the city and as such it pays to check this out before booking them.

Below are our recommendations for luxury & 5-stars hotels, 4-stars hotels and budget hotels for your selection.

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NA Lotus Luxury hotel in Nanning
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